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China Most Visited Websites using the Alexa tool.

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China Most Visited Websites

China Most Visited Websites

Alexa and the Chinese domain market

I like to study trends in domain names. A while ago I researched the top 300 Chinese internet startups and the result shows that the next generation of entrepreneurs in China still prefer .com.

(For details, see my posts at and

Today I want to look at domain names of the most popular 100 websites in China. These leaders and their choice of domain extensions will impact the rest of corporate China. For this purpose, is a good tool to use, as it ranks websites by their traffic volume — even though there have been criticism about the reliability of this tool.

Visit;0/CN) and you’ll get a list of the most visited websites in China. I checked these 100 domain names and grouped them by their extension, as follows:


(Note: Others include one each of hk, org, jp, la, ru, tv, and tw.) The table clearly shows that .com is the most popular extension, followed by .cn and then .net. Now, let’s look at the top 10 most popular websites in China.

RankDomain NameField
1Baidu.comsearch engine
4Sohu.cominternet services
7360.cninternet services
9Tmall.comonline shopping
10Soso.comsearch engine

These two tables show that .com and .cn are most popular, and the second table further indicates 6 characters as the maximum length in a domain name. But, short .com names remain the best choice for selling to Chinese end users.

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