Domain Name Appraisal

Domain Name Appraisal

If only doing a domain name appraisal was an exact science!

Remember, we are talking about domain name valuations: NOT website valuations (websites are valued on the revenue they produce).

Domain Name Appraisal

Domain Name Appraisal

The price of hand registering a domain name is fairly low, there are some exceptions, but with the recognised top level extensions (.com, .net .org etc.) the prices are generally under $15.00. So, why should you pay a premium price for a domain name?

The answer is pretty straight forward; supply and demand.

Most of the best domains commercially speaking were registered over 20 years ago, so the chances of being able to hand register one today is virtually impossible.

The question remains, how do you put a value on a desirable domain name?

There are various tools out there that will give you a rough guide to the value of domain names. being the one most used by professional domainers. You will need to sign up for a subscription if you want to do a lot of appraising of domains. You do however get to do one appraisal a day for free as far as I remember.

Estibot is fairly good tool for keyword domain names but for Brandable (invented words) not very accurate. Always use your judgement when making use of such tools. Remember, they are a guide to help you make a judgement, no more.

Here are a few things to consider when arriving at a value: check for comparable sales, this helps enormously to arrive at a ballpark figure. The most highly regarded tool amongst domaining professionals for comparable sales is I will putting together a tutorial in the new year on the best ways to make use of it. Sign up to the newsletter and you will be advised when it is available.

Another recommended resource is:

DNJournal will keep you up to date with current trends and reports on prices attained week on week, you can go back into their archives to find prices that date back to 2004. DNJournal also verifies information before publishing it. What more could you want?

Lastly, is another site packed with good information on the world of domaining.

If you are thinking of going into domaining as a profession, they have a site called which offers the state of the art online course, which I highly recommend.

Well, I hope you found the information useful in your quest for the perfect business name and if we can be of any help, use the contact form and email us. Good luck with your endeavours.

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