musclee dot com

Musclee dot com
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Musclee dot com ( is a cool Brandable premium domain for sale here on website.

This is where we feature some of our hottest domain names that are open to offers, Musclee dot com is a great premium name in one of the biggest online niches – Health and Fitness.

musclee dot com

musclee dot com

If you wanted to buy the domain name it would probably cost in excess of $500,000 usd. The prices for these types of domains are very high for obvious reasons, they work.

Brandable domains are becoming evermore searched for and are in high demand, so if you are in the health and fitness niche this name would be a perfect fit for a lot of businesses and apps.

When you type health and muscle building into Google you get 9,000,000 million exact search results.

So, having a short memorable domain name becomes incredibly important.

Some areas where this domain would be good are:

  • A great name for a Gym
  • Name for a magazine
  • Weight lifting equipment
  • Muscle building supplements
  • Strength training
  • Anaerobic training

Too many ideas to mention the list is endless…

Here is an interesting article on Wikipedia below:

In sports
Examples of increased muscle hypertrophy are seen in various professional sports, mainly strength related sports such as boxing, Olympic weightlifting, mixed martial arts, rugby, professional wrestling and various forms of gymnastics.
Athletes in other more skill-based sports such as basketball, baseball, ice hockey, and soccer may also train for increased muscle hypertrophy to better suit their position of play.
For example, a center (basketball) may want to be bigger and more muscular to better overpower his or her opponents in the low post. Athletes training for these sports train extensively not only in strength but also in cardiovascular and muscular endurance training.

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