Top Level Domain Names - Choices, Choices!

Choosing Top Level Domain Names – Difficult Choices!

Top Level Domain Names (TLDs) are becoming a real complex issue with so many new ones coming to the market. It is difficult to keep up with how many there are.

Top Level Domain Names

Top Level Domain Names – Choices, Choices!

A TLD is the extension you see at the right of the dot as in (COM is the TLD). The best known tld’s are – .com, .org, and .net.

Is your business going to be country specific? If so then a country code top level domain will be fine (CCTLD). Remember it will difficult if not impossible to change to a dot com at a later time, as its almost certain to be taken. You need to be certain your business is going to remain country specific and not go global at a later date.

When looking to register a country code TLD you need to check the requirements of the registrar some allow people to register a domain name wherever they are resident. Some only allow registrations from people who are residents of that country.

Virtually all countries have their own TLD, some better known examples below:

  • .US = USA
  • .CA = Canada
  • .UK = United Kingdom
  • .FR = France
  • .DE = Germany
  • .AU = Australia
  • .CC = Cocos (Keeling) Islands (Most people wouldn’t know this was a CCTLD).
  • .CN = China
  • .ES = Spain
  • .IN = India
  • .IO = British Indian Ocean Territory
  • .MX = Mexico
  • .RU = Russian Federation
  • .TV = Tuvalu (A Polynesian island. This small nation, which is just 10 square miles, generates more than $2 million per year by selling the rights to use their ccTLD.)
  • .VA = Vatican City State (Yes even the Vatican has its own country code.

I will be putting the full list of country codes on a seperate resource page in the near future, so you may want to bookmark this page for future reference.

Okay, enough about country code tld extensions.

Let’s move on to the new generic TLD’s; there are so many of them it’s hard to know where to begin. Personally I think the domain market is being swamped with unnecessary, unwanted domain name extensions. (Just my view for what it is worth).

When people type in the name of a website into google and other search engines, most will include .COM at the end, it’s what they’ve always done and breaking that mould will be very difficult indeed; if not impossible.

Now there are literally hundreds and hundreds of new GTLD’s, I can’t see how any but a small few can make any impression on the market.

Here is a small example example of what’s on offer below:

  • .adult
  • .agency
  • .airforce
  • .alsace
  • .apartments
  • .archi
  • .associates
  • .attorney
  • .auction
  • .audio
  • .auto
  • .band
  • .bar
  • .bargains
  • .bayern
  • .beer
  • .berlin
  • .best
  • .bet
  • .bid
  • .bike
  • .bingo
  • .bio

Again I will be making a seperate resource page with what seems to be a never ending list of new gTLD’s.

As you can see there is no simple solution, when it comes to choosing a TLD.

My view is to stick with the tried and tested domain extensions. Dot Com will always be the number one as far as I can see. Get your country code tld if you are sure you will limit your business to targeting people from that location.

Good luck with your ventures.

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