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An Occasional View into the World of Chinese Domaining – Understanding Chinese Domain Names

Understanding chinese domain names – the letter U.

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Understanding Chinese Domain Names

Understanding Chinese Domain Names

Understanding U in Chinese domain names

Did you know that the letter U is quite useful in Chinese domain names? This is particularly true in short domain names where U is the first letter of a domain name. In many cases, a Chinese domain name starting with the letter U can be turned into a great brand.

The Chinese meaning of U in a domain name comes from rhyming. Using this technique, you say the letter U in English, and then try to find Chinese characters that are similar to that sound. To see how it works, let’s look at the domain name of a Chinese startup.

You Fen Qi (???) was founded in 2014 to finance young people in their purchase of goods by installments . It enables borrowers to set up an account from their mobile phone, get their credit score determined, and then start borrowing money immediately. All can be done within 20 minutes and there is no need for a face-to-face interview. The service now covers over half of China’s geographical area.

You Fen Qi literally means excellent installment service, so it is a very appropriate name for the startup. Normally, the company’s brand matching domain name should be YouFenqi.com if .com is preferred. In this case, however, the name is shortened to simply uFenqi.com. This is possible because when you say U in English, it sounds like the Chinese character ?(excellent).

For young people, such spelling may even be considered funky and acceptable. While you can use the letter U in place of the normal spelling, I still think it’s important to secure, for example, YouFenqi.com for brand and traffic protection.

In the following table, I have listed the many Chinese meanings of U for your study.

ExcellentuYun.cn (优云), uNuomi.com (优诺米), uMade.com.cn (优制网)
Blessu-jump.com (佑骏), uCake.net (佑客)
Friendu179.com (友久网), uBright.com.tw (友輝), uCheer.com.tw (友齊)
HaveuYindai.com (有银), uCaiyuan.com (有机菜园), uLiangwang.com (有粮网)
Travel/gameuuu9.com (游久网), ulife-china.com (游生活)
MailuYtong.com (邮易通), uCruising.com.hk (邮轮), u-99.com (邮九块九)
Melodiousu898.com (悠悠游戏), uTouu.com (悠唐), uZou.com.cn (悠走)
UU as it isuTang.cn (U糖), uYou.com (U.友)

Even foreign firms take advantage of this technique in creating their Chinese brand names. A very good example is Uber. Here, U rhymes with ? (excellent) so the Chinese brand for Uber is ?? which literally means excellent steps. This is good branding!

So, the next time you see a short domain name starting with the letter U, don’t discount its usefulness. Do your research to determine its use and value.

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